Final Fantasy 15 sales update – FFXV becomes fastest-selling game in series

Square Enix has announced (via Eurogamer) that Final Fantasy 15 shipments have surpassed six million worldwide.

Final Fantasy 15 sales show no sign of slowing down

The figure includes digital sales of the critically acclaimed RPG, and is a significant step up from the five million figure announced by Square Enix following the game’s release last November for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Upon its launch, the game sold through the majority of copies on Sony’s current-generation console.

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In addition, the publishing giant also confirmed that the upcoming Final Fantasy XIV January festival event, which is accessed by grabbing any of the Holiday DLC, will kick off in approximately two weeks time. 

Elsewhere, it recently emerged that Final Fantasy 15 players are discovering hidden areas thanks to a new glitch, which allows you to see catch a glimpse of additional locations that are not able to be explored in the actual game. There is hope, however, that Square Enix may open up these areas in future DLC. 

Speaking on the glitch, a Reddit user posted: “Note that only the desert area around Cartanica is fully loaded, to access to the other zones I had to ‘avoid’ a loading screen, that’s why some areas aren’t loaded, like Tenebrae for example.”

Final Fantasy 15 was originally announced way back at E3 2006, where it was known as Final Fantasy Versus 13. Initially a PS3-exclusive project and part of the wider Fabula Nova Crystallis series of games, Square Enix later decided to scrap the title when it was around 25 percent complete, and instead revamped it for PS4 and Xbox One under the title of FF15.