Final Fantasy Agito trademark registered in Japan

The Japanese arm of Square Enix has registered a new trademark for Final Fantasy Agito.

Of course, fans of the venerable RPG series will no doubt recognise the Agito name, as it was the original title of the PlayStation Portable release, Final Fantasy Type-0. Sadly, that game only saw release in Japan and has yet to be released in the U.S. and Europe.

Agito was conceived under the umbrella of Final Fantasy XIII-related projects known as Fabula Nova Crystallis, before Square distanced the title from that particular trapping. It was renamed Type-0 and released in Japan in 2010.

The trademark itself makes no mention of Final Fantasy XIII, and simply lists ‘Final Fantasy Agito.’

What could Square be planning? Is it the long overdue western release of FF Agito, or perhaps an all-new project? We’ll hopefully find out for sure come E3 next month.

via Gematsu