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Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth PS5 Demo Now Available To Download

Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth just got a huge feature with its very own State Of Play event, during which Square Enix dove deeper into what players can expect from part two of this epic remake project.

Thankfully for fans, they won’t have to rely on watching the State Of Play over and over again to tide themselves over before Rebirth launches.

That’s because right now, yes right now, you can go download a demo for Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth on the PlayStation Store.

The demo will give you a taste of what the gameplay in Rebirth will be like, similarly to how Square Enix released a demo just ahead of the release for Final Fantasy VII Remake.

What’s more is that the demo will actually be updated, just before Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s release with a new region to try out.

If you’ve not yet jumped into anything Final Fantasy VII related, then this demo would at least be a good test to see if you vibe with the world and gameplay.

Afterwards though it would be recommended, for narrative reasons, that you played Remake before jumping into Rebirth. For more on Rebirth, you can check out the State Of Play below.

Source – [PlayStation]