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Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3’s “Key Elements” Are Coming Together, Reveals Naoki Hamaguchi

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth co-director Naoki Hamaguchi has revealed during an interview with The Washington Post that “key elements” for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 are coming together thanks to the world construction present in Rebirth.

Hamaguchi-san said that he’s busy chiselling away on a design document for the third chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Remake project, including the game’s “key elements.”

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However, he noted that the game world in Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 3 will need to be rebuilt so that it can work in conjunction with the Highland. For those unaware, the Highland is commandeered by the party in the latter stages of the original Final Fantasy VII to navigate the world map easily, and is later fitted with rockets to boost its speed capabilities.

“I definitely want to address the same for what is likely expected from our experience with the Highwind to explore the world,” said Hamaguchi.

No release date for the third Final Fantasy VII Remake game has been announced yet, although given the gap between the original and Rebirth, we’re probably looking at around four years before we see it. Hamaguchi also teased the appearance of Rocket Town in FFVII Remake Part 3, an area that was not featured in Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is now available for PS5, and you can read our full verdict here.