Final Fantasy X-2 HD confirmed for PS3 and Vita, bundled with Final Fantasy X HD on PS3

An HD remake of Final Fantasy X-2 is in the works, and will come bundled with Final Fantasy X HD later this year.

A report in Japanese manga magazine Jump broke this news and confirms that both X and X-2 are based on their International Edition releases. Final Fantasy X International features additional bosses and an Expert Sphere Grid option alongside concept art, interviews, music, and the like. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy X-2 International introduces two new dresspheres, additional missions, and new combat features.

PAL regions received Final Fantasy X International on PS2, but this HD collection marks the first time North American gamers will receive either edition.

Meanwhile, PlayStation Vita will also receive Final Fantasy X-2 HD, but the sequel will have to be purchased separately from Final Fantasy X. No confirmation yet if this arrangement will hold true outside Japan.

Final Fantasy X HD has been in development for quite some time, and is looking great. The North American release date is rumored to be June of this year, according to last month’s Destination PlayStation retailer event.

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via Siliconera