Final Fantasy XIII-2 ‘Sahz’ DLC confirmed

Final Fantasy XIII-2’s next batch of downloadable content will arrive later this month, Square Enix has revealed.

This latest pack focuses on FFXIII’s Sazh (if the name doesn’t ring a bell, he’s the chap who had a Chocobo living in his hair), and features a story that runs parallel to the main campaign. Completion of the DLC will net you Sazh as a party member.

Sazh: Head or Tails will be released on Xbox Live on February 28 for 400 Microsoft Points, and hits PlayStation Network on February 29, priced at €3.59/£2.99. In addition to a new story, it’ll also throw in two new card games for the casino area in Serendipity.

Lastly, Square will release fresh clobber for Noel and Serah on February 22 in the shape of the Spacetime Guardian and Beachwear outfits. The costume pack will set you back €1.99/£1.59 for PSN and 240 MS Points via XBL.

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