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[UPDATE]Final Fantasy XIV Confirmed For PS5

Final Fantasy XIV PS5


Square Enix has since confirmed that Yoshida-san merely expressed hope that Final Fantasy XIV would come to the PS5 at some stage.

Here’s the full statement:

While not a confirmation, Yoshida-san expressed a hope that FINAL FANTASY XIV Online may one day appear on the next generation of Sony console.


It looks like that Final Fantasy XIV may have been just been leaked. A Final Fantasy XIV fan gathering is apparently taking place in London and one of the attendees, a group going by the name of Final Fantasy UK Fans, has just now tweeted that director Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that Final Fantasy XIV will be set to arrive on PS5.

Though Final Fantasy XIV has always been suspected to arrive on PS5 (not least because of its massive fanbase), it’s nice to get some sort of confirmation.

Final Fantasy XIV PS5: Yoshida addresses the London crowd tonight, informing them that his team are hard at work on Final Fantasy XIV for PS5.

Now, we just need to wait for Square-Enix to properly unveil the thing.

Source: Twitter