Final Fantasy XIV patch 3.5 showcased in Far Edge of Fate trailer

The latest update for Final Fantasy XIV has been showcased in a stunning new trailer.

Named Far Edge of Fate, patch 3.5 ushers in a host of new content for Square Enix’s popular MMORPG, including a new chapter in the Shadows of Mhach storyline, new missions, a primal fight against Zurvan, and much more.

“The Warrior of Light will be able to scale Baelsar’s Wall, the giant structure that separates the Garlean Empire-controlled territories and the three city-states of Eorzea. Players will also return to Sohm Al to further explore the holy ground of the dragons,” reads the Square Enix press release.

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Final Fantasy update 3.5 release date confirmed

The patch will launch on January 17, and will also feature improvements to the party finder system, allowing players to recruit, view and join parties from the same data center. Duel modes and Frontlines have been spruced up too, alongside a brand new map, titled The Feast.

There are more updates planned for Final Fantasy XIV this year, including the new expansion, Stormblood. If you fancy some tickets for the upcoming Fan Fest in Germany, then we have two to giveaway right here!