Final Fantasy XV development team ‘highly disorganized’ says designer

A game that spends ten years in development is bound to have some issues and Character Designer Roberto Ferrari has recently talked about some of those issues relating to Final Fantasy XV on his Facebook page.

“They’re highly disorganized. Our staff had to work on FFXV while the story still had to be finalized. In 2013, the damn story changed every three months or so and the game’s release date had been scheduled for December 2014.” Ferrari continued, “In the world of animation, which is where I come from, the main story is nailed down before the hiring the staff in order to avoid this kind of waste.”

 Ferrari, who is no longer with the development team, also spoke about some of the character changes made after his departure.

“My Gentiana had a different gown. She had some sort of uniform with a white armor piece on the left arm and a heavy sword of the same color of the armor. Gentiana was the messenger of Stella and as such, she represented a point of contact between the cultures of Nifhleim and Tenebrae.

There were some characters I liked but were removed from the story. They were more ninja-like, similar to the ones in Kingsglaive but more Japanese in style. By the way, Umbra transformed in one of those characters. My little Umbra, you’ll never see him in human form…”

That’s quite a bit to say. Ferrari also worked on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but stated that there won’t be many new characters.