Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae complaints include lock-on system and Cindy’s ‘sexy’ outfit

Square Enix has touched on user feedback regarding Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae for PS4 and Xbox One, specifically regarding what users disliked about the playable teaser of the hotly anticipated JRPG. 

Final Fantasy XV PS4 screenshot

Speaking on the latest Active Time Report this week (via gameranx), Game Director Hajime Tabata and Marketing Manager Akio Ofuji revealed that a fair amount of you moaned about the lock-on system, suggesting it wasn’t useful, failed to follow enemies properly, and was hard to utilize. 

In response to this, Tabata-said that the issues were down to the fact the feature wasn’t explained by the developers properly, though work is being done to improve upon this.

He then touched on complaints regarding the AI, revealing that Episode Duscae doesn’t feature a complex AI system at present. However, he assured fans that the team will work on improving this area to meet Square Enix’s goal of the AI providing a sense of camaraderie and self awareness. 

Touching on the game’s graphics, Tabata-san said the visuals will be polished for the final release, as well as acknowledging complaints regarding the frame rate, which will also be addressed.

Interestingly, one complaint that was highlighted is the fact some gamers, notably Europeans, felt that Cindy’s outfit was ‘too sexy’ considering she’s supposed to be a mechanic. Tabata-san, however, seemed baffled by this complaint, stating the character in no way was designed in an ‘erotic’ manner. 

Unsurprisingly, he added that there are currently no plans to tweak Cindy’s design, though said the team would be careful not to surround her with any sexual themes going forward in terms of presentation. 

Square Enix announced earlier this week that Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae 2.0 will be released in mid-late May 2015. The game will not have a strong presence at E3 this year, with promotion expected to kick off at Gamescom.