Final Fantasy XV will take 40 hours to clear

Didn’t someone once say: “it’s not the size that matters, but what you do with it that counts?” Well, that theory doesn’t really apply to videogames, as we all like to know that we’re going to get value for money with a campaign that will last more than a couple of days. You may be interested to hear then that Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata reckons that the next iteration in the immensely popular RPG series will take approximately 40 hour to complete.

Speaking with Dengeki, Tabata talks about the gameplay time for both the full game and the demo, which will launch alongside Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March 2015. First up, referring to the upcoming demo, Tabata says:

“I think in general the play time is about an hour. However, that’s if you use the car to get around. By the way, you can also play it for additional challenges, so you can spend more time with it. For example, in order to obtain a strong weapon, you can venture into the dungeon that has monsters stronger than the ones above ground.” He has previously stated though that the demo could last 2-3 hours if you don’t drive around the locations.

Talking about the full game, Tabata said: I’m assuming that the actual game will take about 40 hours to clear, so comparing it in simple terms, the demo is about 1/40th of the actual game’s content.”

Square has previously confirmed that the demo will contain at least one dungeon to explore, as well as something that will have a “huge impact’ on fans. Chocobos are also being considered for inclusion.

Source: Twinfinite