Final Fantasy XV’s Episode Gladio DLC release date confirmed

FFXV Gladio 

It has been two months since Final Fantasy XV launched, and now at the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary event in Japan director Hajime Tabata has revealed new information on upcoming DLC for the game.

Episode Gladio, the first proper piece of story DLC (as opposed to limited-time events like the currently ongoing Moogle Chocobo Festival), is officially launching March 28. Based on the screenshots shown off it appears that Cor will be joining Gladiolus for at least part of this episode.

Additionally, it was revealed that Episode Prompto will be coming three months later, in June, though they have not given a concrete date for that yet. We see a new screenshot showing Prompto wearing a thick coat in what appears to be a chilly environment, but that’s all at this time.

Before either of those will be a new booster DLC, coming February 21. This update includes a brand new Power Rangers-esque super outfit for each of our boys, which make them temporarily invincible. The suits can be used for 30 minutes at a time, then require 24 hours real-time to recharge.

FFXV Super Suits.jpg