Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto to be shown at GDC

It seems there is a bit of hit or miss when it comes to Final Fantasy XV’s Prompto and his photography. Where some people look forward to viewing his photography skills, others just don’t care all that much.


With that being said, the photography mechanic is getting its own Game Developers Conference panel in 2017. The GDC panel will give the attendees a better understanding of how the photography mechanic works and how Square Enix created a character who could occasionally take decent photos.

The GDC is the largest gathering of video game developers with a focus on learning and networking. The event includes several sub-events such as a variety of tutorials, lectures, and roundtables by industry professionals that covers programming, design, audio, and more.

GDC 2017 starts on February 27 of 2017 and runs until March 3, 2017.