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Firewall Zero Hour PSVR game sneak peak, playable at PSX 2017

Firewall Zero Hour

Firewall Zero Hour, a new game exclusive to PSVR, received a sneak peak shown on stage at the beginning of PSX 2017.

Check out the brief gameplay footage below.

Firewall Zero Hour appears to be a Rainbow Six style team-based first-person shooter, where teammates work together to complete objectives entirely in a VR environment.

Patrons at PSX are able to get some hands-on time, as there were displays set up on the show floor.

Developed by First Contact Entertainment, makers of Rom: Extraction, players will take on the roles of mercenaries and, as either Attackers or Defenders, be tasked with hacking or protecting a laptop full of highly classified info.

Stay tuned to PSU for more info on Firewall Zero Hour as it becomes available.