First images and details for PS3 exclusive Under Siege

Last month, Seed Studios teased us with a splash page website featuring the silhouettes of three characters for an upcoming PS3 exclusive called Under Siege. No details on the game were given at the time, but after a recent update to the website, we now have the first details on Under Siege as well as a first look at the game in pre-alpha stage.

According to Seed Studios Lead Designer Bruno Ribeiro, Under Siege is a Real Time Strategy game that is built from the ground up for the PlayStation 3.

"Under Siege features an original world, unique gameplay elements and a control scheme designed with a console controller in mind," Ribeiro said. "We are also working on implementing a large number of multiplayer and community features with special emphasis on user generated content."


As you can see from the pre-alpha game shots, the visuals are very impressive. We are already waiting in anticipation to see more. Be sure to stay tuned as Seed Studios is expected to reveal more over the coming months.