First Modern Warfare 2 map packs due spring 2010

Activision is at it again. GameSpot recently spied a Modern Warfare 2-themed Monster energy drink pack. And even though Activision has refused to shed light on any of the details, the box shows-off some sort of contest in which participators get a chance to earn a prize. It appears the prizes include a shot at one of 100 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 games for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, 5,000 MW2 Map Pack codes "planned for release in spring 2010," 10,000 PS3 or 360 MW2 themes, and free cans of Monster.


This should certainly keep the hype train for Modern Warfare’s highly anticipated sequel moving ahead full steam and cans of Monster continuing to be consumed by the pack. We have to congratulate Activision on this smart move, as players all over the world will certainly need an added blast of energy to last through the night fighting off insurgents in Modern Warfare 2, due in North America and Europe November 10.