First PS3 UT3 user created map released

Despite the fact Unreal Tournament III has not even hit European shores as of yet, Thomas Browett, a 23-year old graphic designer from Nottingham England, has created the first user-created map for the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Described as an avid fan of the Unreal franchise since the beginning, Setheran, as he so desires to be called, has created the map titled “DM-Shrine” which is designed to compliment close quarters combat as the map features 2-6 players. This comes as a breath of fresh air as most UT3 maps are for the purpose of large area combat featuring an enormous quantity of players.

FileFront serves as the hub for you to download the map as it also gives detailed information to how you can install the map onto your PS3. Hopefully this is a great sign of future user-created content from the PS3 community in the future.

Source: CVG