For Honor – How to parry: Combat tips for battle

for honor parry

Play For Honor and learn how to parry like a pro. Ubisoft’s fighting action game can be very challenging. Combat is so much more strategic than many other fighting games, so learning attacking and defensive strategies prior to wading into the battlefield with your sword aloft will help you in the long run.

One of the most important defensive strategies is parrying, which is slightly different to blocking and allows you drain your opponent’s stamina. Watch the video below to find out how to parry.

For Honor beta start times

Enemies will attack you from one of three sides – up, left or right. Watch for the red arrow on the screen, which shows you which direction the attacker is coming from and then move your right analog stick in that direction. You then also need to press RT (the heavy attack button) just before the strike lands – you’ll see the arrow flash to prompt you! Metal will hit metal and your opponent will reel back and lose stamina.

Learning how to parry effectively isn’t just about timing, but also about your positioning. Always stand face on to an opponent, watch their every move and use L1 to lock onto them.

Stay tuned for more For Honor combat tips, and check out the guide on how to execute enemies effectively.