For Honor Season 4: Order & Havoc available now

for honor screenshot

Fresh off the heels of the end of Season Three, the latest update to Ubisoft’s massively popular medieval brawler, For Honor, is out today, bringing with it new modes, new maps, and new heroes to the fray, along with new customization items for all heroes.

Season Four, Order & Havoc kicks off with an action packed and hilarious new trailer you can check out below.

The first new mode, Tribute mode, is a 4v4 objective based battle that sees players fighting for control of three Offering locations placed throughout the map. Finding and securing these Offerings at their dedicated shrine will reward the entire team with a unique buff, allowing for strategic play as teams will need to decide where to place their Offerings.

In addition to Tribute mode, Ranked Dominion 4v4 mode will be released later in the season, allowing friends to team up and compete in ranked online Dominion matches for in-game rewards.

This season’s new maps include Market Town and The Gauntlet.

for honor market town

Market Town is a quaint but densely populated Samurai village, filled with a dizzying maze of alleys to get lost in, and stilt houses that sit high above the water. The multi-tiered neighborhoods force teams to take into account the added dimension of varying elevations, and allows players to traverse the map with zip lines for quick ambushes and quicker escapes.

The Gauntlet is a massive and intimidating fortress built high on a hill. This impenetrable defensive barrier represents the Viking Capital. Few have entered the Viking citadel, none have returned.

for honor 3

The new heroes set to even the score with the Knights faction are the Samurai’s Hybrid, the Aramusha, and the Viking’s Assassin, the Shaman.

 The Aramusha is ready to capitalize on their opponent’s weaknesses, taking advantage of any small opening or mistake and punishing them endlessly with a lightning-fast barrage of attacks from all directions.

 The Shaman, an aggressive warrior that is at their strongest on the offensive, pounces on their prey like a wild beast, delivering savage blows and becoming more deadly as their opponent weakens and bleeds out.

for honor 4

Tribute mode and the two new maps will be available to everyone for free at the start of Season Four.

However, the two new heroes will only be available to season pass holders on launch, the rest will have to wait until Nov 21, upon which they will be purchasable for 15,000 Steel each.

The development team at Ubisoft Montreal has pledged to continuously improve the game with consistent updates, and has stated that they will be implementing dedicated servers at a later date.