For Honor servers blamed for 50 percent drop in players

For Honor servers cause discontent

Ubisoft’s For Honor had tons of hype and buzz surrounding the launch of the title, and on release the game had 46,000 players on Steam. However, according to a report at Githyp, just one week after launch that number had dropped to 21,000 players. Add another week to the mix, and the numbers go down ever further to 15,000.

On Saturday, For Honor averaged 17,000 players.

There are tons of reasons why the Steam numbers are down so much with the main culprit being the For Honor server issues. You can’t play a game that you literally can’t play and all that does is add to the frustration. Last weekend, Ubisoft even tried to counter player frustration by offering Champion’s status.

The report predicts that For Honor will continue to lose up to 90% of the player base by the end of the second month, which is the same fate that The Division suffered from. PS4 and Xbox One players numbers have not been revealed.