Forget the scarf Grandma! We want a knitted Sackboy!

Assuming of course that it is mostly elderly female folk who enjoy spending cold winter nights busily knitting scarves, hats and jumpers for their ungrateful offspring, grannies across Britain are being giving the official knitting pattern to create their own woolly SackBoy this Christmas. Stick the scarf Grandma, we want one of these!

The U.K’s leading knitting magazine (there’s more than one?!) has the pattern in its latest issue to recreate LittleBigPlanet’s loveable icon, assuring us that it’s an accurate recreation of the on-screen character from head to toe.

Debora Bradley, Editor of Simply Knitting magazine said, “Sackboy will be tremendously popular and this is the perfect time of year to knit the little chap. Knitting and customizing him means that he will be utterly unique and a very cool accessory. We’re very lucky to have him in the magazine and we hope that he’ll help to increase the already sizable crossover between the great communities of gamers and knitters, online or not.”

Hmmm…a very cool accessory, time to start a new hobby we think.