Formula Fusion gets PS4 release, pending Sony approval

With only a week passed since the start of the Formula Fusion Kickstarter, R8 Games has listened to the community at large and has provided a major update to its campaign, which confirms the release (pending Sony approval) of the PS4 version. Pledges with zero backers have been removed, and replaced with new pledges, as well as a new stretch goal.

So, what is so special about the new pledges and stretch goals? Well, before the update there were only PC copies confirmed for distribution., Also, the stretch goal for the PS4 edition was at least £350,000. This new update brings with it some important changes:

– PS4 pledge is now the same as the PC pledge – £20 gets you the digital release of the game

– Any pledge with a digital or physical copy of the game will allow you to have a PS4 copy instead of a PC copy

– The first release of the game will have at least eight tracks instead of the single track as stated before. Over time the game will have 22 tracks

– The PS4 stretch goal has been lowered from £350,000 to £100,000

In regards to what happens with the PS4 stretch goal, R8 Games CEO Andrew Walker had this to say:

Should we reach the console pledge we’ll confirm a delivery date because we’ll be able to get the resources in that we need based on the plan we have. Should we not hit it, we promise to commit to developing a Playstation 4 version of the game but it may take longer.” – R8 Games CEO Andrew Walker

What does this mean to PS4 owners that were sitting on the fence? It means that with a much lower stretch goal and an included PS4 pledge at the same price as the PC, owners of Sony’s console should now feel more comfortable knowing that they can reach the goal and receive the game. Even if the stretch goal is not met, the PS4 version will be the priority.

So if you were still on the fence, now might be the opportune time to finally pledge for that Wipeout successor.

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