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Forspoken’s HDR Issue’s Will Be Fixed By Its PS5 Launch, Says Luminous Productions

Forspoken’s demo currently available on PS5 for players to try out has given plenty of curious players a taste of what’s to come in Luminous Productions and Square Enix’s upcoming new IP.

It’s also not a perfect version of the game, a fact that ought to be unsurprising to most given that it’s just a demo, and not the full game. That being said, players have already been voicing issues with HDR in Forspoken.

So it’ll be good to hear for those with HDR concerns that the developers are both aware of the problem, and that it won’t be an issue by the time the game launches on PS5 and PC this coming January.

Members of the Luminous Productions team spoke about the issues during a livestream earlier on Tuesday, and reassured worried players that this won’t be a problem at launch.

Good news, for anyone who was beginning to look at their Forspoken pre-order and sweat.


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