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Forspoken’s Original Pitch/Plan Reportedly ‘Unrecognisable In The Product As It Is Now’

Forkspoken is gearing up for its release tomorrow, but according to a post by journalist Alex Donaldson on Twitter, the original pitch/plan for Luminous Productions‘ ambitious project is ‘unrecognisable’ in the final product we have today.

Donaldson revealed that he’s been told a bunch of details about the game, including the fact it changed directions drastically during development, and that it’s a far cry from what was originally planned for the game.

People have said to me the original pitch/plan is unrecognizable in the product as it is now. This happens to many games mid-dev, but Forspoken basically appears to be a particularly extreme case, where it really went through the wringer in terms of changing and morphing.

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Forspoken is slated for release on January 24, 2023 for PS5 and PC. Reviews so far for the game have been decidedly mixed.

[Source – Alex Donaldson on Twitter]

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