Free Resogun update available now for PS4, includes ship editor

A free update for Housemarque’s side-scrolling shooter Resogun is now available and introduces a ship editor, local co-op mode and new trophies.

The PlayStation Blog reveals that players can now create their own unique-looking ships with the Ship Editor tool, which includes the ability to set attributes and change the position of weapons. Players will then be able to share their creations with the Resogun community and download any ship that has been user-created.

Local co-op has also been added, alongside the introduction of more trophies to increase replay value. Further tweaks have been made to fix exploits in the game, which unfortunately means that Housemarque has had to reset the leaderboards.

The update arrives just ahead of the Heroes expansion which launches on June 24 and includes two new game modes entitled “Survival” and “Demolition”.

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