Fresh Mass Effect 3 DLC outed

BioWare is planning all-new downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 in the form of the Leviathan expansion.

That’s according to voice actor Anthony Skordi, who revealed to the chaps at Eurogamer that he would be voicing a Reaper named Leviathan for the as-yet unannounced DLC.

According to reports, the expansion will take place before ME3’s controversial ending, and focuses on the traitorous Reaper by the name of Leviathan. Apparently, Skordi’s character has been separated from his race for the past decade for killing a fellow Reaper.

Commander Shepard crosses paths with Leviathan after being dispatched to rescue a scientist named Ann Brynson, who is being held captive at a Reaper-indoctrinated mining facility.

More interestingly, Leviathan is able to join Shepard’s forces – presumably as a War Asset – to aid the Commander in his battle against the other Reapers.

BioWare is poised to unveil new DLC during the company’s panel at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday, so expect more info around that time.

Stay tuned.