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Friday The 13th Dedicated Servers Shutting Down In Final Update For The Game


The developers of Friday The 13th have announced that the game will be getting its last update this month and that final update will close the dedicated servers for the game, with the title revoking to peer-to-peer games whenever you matchmake.

In a blog post on the official Friday The 13th forums, Lead Community Developer, Massshotcha, highlights the changes and that the game will still be playable via peer-to-peer matchmaking in quick play and private matches.

The patch will keep the database intact, however, so all your unlocks, rewards, and progression will be saved. This final patch will also fix a number of major bugs with the game, with the patch notes coming out a week before the patch goes live. The official forums for the game will also be available but put into a locked archived state. Social media channels will also be used for key announcements only.

This is disappointing news, but the game has been locked in limbo since 2018 with legal disputes over the licensed title. What are your thoughts on this and will you miss playing the title on dedicated servers? Do you still play the game and how will this affect you?

Friday The 13th is available now on PS4.

Source – [Friday The 13th]