Further Delays for Blacksite Area 51

Joining the ranks of games being delayed on the PlayStation 3, Blacksite Area 51 has been thrown in the spotlight as it has recently announced a serious lack of online features. While this itself is a let down to anyone looking forward to the game, Ars Technica is reporting that there may be more missing on the PS3 version of the game.

Earlier this week, voice chat and ranked matches were effectively taken out of the game, and today, a further delay may be in the cards. Speaking with insider sourcers, Ars Technica has posted an article claiming that Midway is displeased with the PS3 version of the game, due to several missed deadlines and other technical issues.

While this is only speculation at this point, the Unreal Engine may be the source of these problems, with Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament 3 also being delayed on the PS3. The obvious trend here is multiplatform titles being developed using the engine. These delays could, however, be set to allow for further optimization of these games using the engine.

Midway will release these games when they are finished to standards, which is good news, despite the inevitable delays. Its better to play a complete game months later than to have an unplayable game sooner. On a down note, it seems that the PS3 demo for Blacksite may be delayed as well. Be sure to check back for any updates as they become available.

Source: Arstechnica