Gambling in Norway. What should be kept in mind?

Casino games have been around since the beginning of time. Almost completely they have survived to this day. If you’ve never played in a casino, you should be aware of and consider some key features.

Whether you live in the Kingdom of Norway or are just traveling, you should learn about the laws that govern the country. We have highlighted particularly important points in this article that you should learn before checking out our top Norwegian casinos by clicking on the link:

A look back at history

Norway is one of the countries with a long history of gambling, having legalized it in 1902. In any case, it wasn’t until 1992 that they were able to pass a full-fledged law regulating relations between the gambling establishment and the citizens of Norway. In general, the state exercises monopoly control over gambling establishments..

Many Norwegian players currently prefer to play on casino sites licensed in Curacao or Malta. This could be due to a variety of factors, starting with the fact that players in such casinos have a good chance of receiving a no deposit or welcome bonus, which is not available on government casino sites. In fact, using a Norwegian bank credit or debit card in these establishments is prohibited.

What about it now?

Since then, little has changed: the government still controls betting and casino activities in Norway. As previously stated, most Norwegian gamblers continue to travel to offshore locations such as CuraƧao or Malta because government institutions simply cannot provide all of the necessary resources to their citizens. The Norwegian kingdom’s government has long accepted this reality. This law will almost certainly be revised soon to legalize or simplify the licensing of third-party gambling establishments.

Most Norwegian players currently use professional sites that independently research any new gambling establishment that accepts Norwegian players. They also look at the functionality of technical support, the ability to use the casino site on different devices, the number and quality of games, and other important factors to consider when selecting an establishment..

The most popular games in casinos in Norway

If you are at all familiar with the gaming statistics for European casinos, you will notice that slots are the most popular. Slot machines were covered by Norwegian lottery law in 1995, and only the holders of the relevant charitable license could operate them. As a result, both the popularity of and national income from slot-machine gambling establishments increased significantly.

However, due to the increase in psychological addiction among residents, the government of the Kingdom of Norway completely banned slot machines in 2007. In fact, there was only one choice. In this state, some video terminals that require a special card and have usage restrictions. Regardless of how surprising it may seem, the majority of people in this country do not want to do it because of the subsequent restrictions and lack of enjoyment from the game. As a result, statistics show that, despite the ban, offshore sites are extremely popular among Norwegian residents.

Offshore payments with the help of Norwegian banks

As previously stated, modern Norwegian legislation actually prohibits the use of banks and cards issued on Norwegian territory when it comes to offshore gambling establishments. At the moment, this is circumvented by many different tricks employed by online casino owners, making it completely legal to deposit funds into an account at their establishment.

To avoid the law, the owners simply changed their bank account numbers. And now they use various tricks, such as cryptocurrency, or open a separate account that is not for a casino. Banks can now block the accounts of offshore online casino owners under new legislation, but only after evaluating their transactions. This has made it harder to apprehend offshore casino owners because banks are finding it more difficult to track various transactions.

The government’s efforts to force residents to play in their monopolistic casinos are failing. We believe that the first step should be to improve government service rather than block competitors. In any case, we will keep an eye on changes in Norwegian legislation to ensure that we do not miss the moment when offshore casinos become fully legal.