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Game Companies Have No Legal Requirement For Titles To Remain Playable, Says UK Government

Video game companies have ‘no legal requirement in UK law compelling [them] to support older product,’ according to the UK government.

The statement comes in response to the campaign Stop Killing Games, which called for provisions in UK law to protect older titles, with the petition reaching 10,000 signatures. The full statement from the Department of Culture, Media & Sports reads:

Consumers should be aware that there is no requirement in UK law compelling software companies and providers to support older versions of their operating systems, software or connected products. There may be occasions where companies make commercial decisions based on the high running costs of maintaining older servers for video games that have declining user bases.

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It should be noted that the petition is still going strong and has amassed over 23,000 signatures, and will be considered for a parliamentary debate if it reaches 100,000 signatures.

[Source – VGC]