Game of the Month: April 2010

After the triple-A gaming onslaught witnessed during the first few months of 2010, things have, unsurprisingly, cooled down somewhat. Indeed, while not measuring up to the intricate, QTE shenanigans afforded by February’s Heavy Rain or the gut-ripping, muscle-busting antics of Kratos’ God of War in March, April has still provided its fair share of gaming goodies, signaling a state of perpetual emptiness for our poor wallets for yet another month. 

Among the cream of the crop this month includes fantastic footie outing FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa, the adrenaline-fuelled action romp Just Cause 2, Capcom’s gripping Super Street Fighter IV and the nostalgic wonderland that is 3D Dot Game Heroes. All worthy of your hard earned cash, but as always, there can only be one game that successfully bags our Game of the Month accolade – and in this case, SSFIV wins that title by a comfortable margin.

Expanding on the already brilliant Street Fighter IV released last February, SSFIV offers fresh moves, new brawlers to try out, tweaked play styles plus one of the most accomplished online components seen in any modern beat ‘em up. Combine this with the lush visuals and comprehensive fighting mechanics and you really can’t go wrong. Still, if you need convincing, be sure to check out our review here. In the meantime, here’s a snippet below summarising why SSFIV is worthy of your hard earned cash:

What you’ve essentially got with Super Street Fighter IV is a more balanced Street Fighter game that has been enhanced with more characters, more play styles, more moves and a blindingly brilliant online component that represents the pinnacle of the franchise’s glittering career. The only negative words that we can say about the game is that we have no idea where Capcom can take the Street Fighter franchise from here.”

Of course, that’s just our opinion. If you don’t agree, then be sure to let us know what you think deserves the accolade for Game of the Month in the comments section below. Join us again this time next month where we’ll be dissecting May’s digital delights. Until then, happy gaming!