Game of the Month: June 2009

With the highly anticipated Prototype and Ghostbusters: The Videogame released in June, even we’re a little surprised that the title we’re about to award our Game of the Month accolade to is actually Red Faction Guerrilla.

Red Faction Guerrilla stands out among the June releases because it innovates – it’s as simple as that. The game’s developer, Volition, evolved its powerful Geo Mod engine from the original title in the series to deliver some visually rich destruction-based gameplay. Buildings and structures crumble realistically under the weight of a hammer or rocket launcher and the fall of these man-made objects impact impressively of the environment.

When Volition claimed that its Geo Mod engine was “three to five years” more advanced than other industry destruction engines, it wasn’t exaggerating. We summed up our Red Faction Guerrilla experience by saying:

Not only does it thrill and excite in a way that only pioneering games can, it sets the benchmark for any other developer who dares to say that its latest game features a destructible environment.”

In a month that saw two such high profile games appear on the scene, Red Faction Guerrilla sneaked in to deliver a hammer blow to its competitors and shocked us all by delivering a polished and enjoyable adventure with a powerful game engine that we’re very keen to see more of in the future.

This is what some of our forum members had to say about Red Faction Guerrilla:

It’s very good game with variety of missions to do. it’s kinda like GTA in MARS ! I actually choose to buy this game over inFAMOUS.” – Abdou23

Love Red Faction so far, the SP is very well done and addictive and the MP is very well done. A very underrated game.” – FdMstng99

Its fantastic, one of the big surprises in all these recent releases for me. The physics engine is sensational. Weapons and destruction is outta this world. Online is great fun as well, really neat combat.” – Deadpool