Game of the Month – June 2011

Blimey, has half the year gone already? Still, what stellar six month it has been; if gaming were a feast, then the first chunk of 2011 has been the industry equivalent of tucking into a sumptuous Sunday roast every day. Lovely. Let’s face it, we’ve been spoilt rotten, and the great thing is the remainder of the year looks set to play host to some of the biggest software releases in recent memory. Still, summer’s here, so shouldn’t you all be outside soaking up those rays in an attempt to score a tan? Of course not – the likes of inFamous 2 and Shadows of the Damned won’t complete themselves, will they?

Still, as far as good old Blighty is concerned, you’d never guess it was early July – those pesky perpetual grey skies have seen to that. Still, as I type this, it seems the weather has perked up, and things have started to dry up; sadly, that’s also traditionally the case for the games industry, where the big name releases tend to go lay low until fall period. This year though, it looks like we may actually have a decent onslaught of triple-A treats in store to see us through the next month or two. Nonetheless, June’s where it’s at right now, and there have been quite a few highlights on offer. From superhero sequel inFamous 2, the blood-curdling shooter F.E.A.R. 3 to idiosyncratic actioner Shadows of the Damned, June has seen its fair share of major releases worth checking out. Oh, and the less said about Duke Nukem Forever the better.

Ultimately however, it boiled down between two games – F.E.A.R. 3 and inFamous 2, and Sucker Punch’s electricity-charged sequel came out on top. Brimming with quality, Cole McGrath’s second adventure improves upon the original in almost every conceivable area, making for an all-around stonking effort. Featuring lush visuals, a sprawling metropolis to explore and meaty quests to tackle, infamous 2’s compelling good cop/bad cop layout proves just as satisfying as we hoped it would be. This combined with an intricate storyline and Cole’s meaty, aesthetically pleasing super powers makes for the perfect gaming summer package. Don’t miss out.

Here’s what our UK wordsmith Steven Williamson had to say in his review. Be sure to check out the full article here.

The stunningly designed city of New Malais and Cole’s range of superpowers are two of the main highlights, but the content creator really pushes the genre to a whole new level. inFamous 2 is, in almost every way, better than its predecessor.”

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