Game of the Month: November 2010

Before we get down to picking the cream of the crop of November’s sumptuous videogame smorgasbord, PSU Towers would just like tip our hats to readers who were celebrating Thanksgiving this past weekend—we hope you had a blast. Steering back on topic in the direction of November, well, where to start? Ok, so the weather here in the U.K. has been so bone-chillingly cold that we’re on the verge of defrosting our underpants, but aside from that we can’t recall a time where it’s been so exciting to be a gaming aficionado. And to top it all off, wacky Brazilian Wagner was finally booted off Simon Cowell’s UK TV juggernaut The X Factor—but that’s another story altogether. [Editor’s Note: Does any American know who this Brazilian bloke is, Mike? I’m clueless.] The pertinent point is, November rocked our socks, spoiled us rotten, and burned a hole in our wallets in the process. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Indeed, in a month that is widely considered synonymous with the most financially successful videogame releases of the gaming calendar, the past 30 days certainly didn’t disappoint. Aside from the release of Activision’s record-breaking Call of Duty: Black Ops, gamers were treated to a stunning array of sequels in the form of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, God of War: Ghost of Sparta and—shock, horror—Gran Turismo 5. Yep, just when it seemed likely creator Kazunori Yamauchi was doomed to spend an eternity tweaking and tinkering away under GT5’s hood, the perpetually-delayed Polyphony racer finally emerged from the garage after an arduous and frustrating five-year dev cycle—and shot straight to number one in the UK. With revenue through the roof and heaps of great titles making it in to the hands of sweaty-palmed gamers around the globe, we think it’s fair to label November a roaring success. Spare a thought for us though, as the extra deluge of gaming greats has only exacerbated the already delicate task of awarding that special title our Game of the Month accolade.

Still, after much deliberation we ultimately plumped to staple-gun the award to the utterly brilliant Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. Hm? Is that a whiff of controversy that’s just invaded our nostrils? Possibly. We’ll concede that a fair chunk of you were probably expecting GT5 to receive the accolade, but frankly, it’d be disingenuous of us to slap a GotM sticker on the Polyphony Digital racer just because it’s, well, GT5. It’s a smashing game and a must-have purchase for petrol heads, but overall, not quite the masterpiece Yamauchi-san was aiming for considering the amount of time that went in to its development. Brotherhood on the other hand utterly blew us away, living up to our lofty expectations and exceeding them to boot. Having refined the formula in Assassin’s Creed II, the chaps at Ubisoft Montreal have delivered a further shot in the arm to the brand with this latest entry, from the sprawling, meticulously realized cities to the diversely addictive multiplayer component. Boasting scrumptious visuals, a compelling single-player campaign and heaps of replay value, Ezio’s stealthy sequel is easily one of the most memorable games we’ve played all year, let alone in the month of November.

Read a snippet of our review below, and check out the full article here.

"Aside from some scenery popping up, and the fact that we’d like to see the radial weapon wheel use better and bolder symbols for identifying weapons, there really is nothing to say. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is everything we wanted it to be and more. It’s not just the most epic, focused and action-packed Assassin’s Creed game yet, but it’s a real contender for Game of the Year."

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