Game of the Month: October 2013

The games industry is about to be shaken with the impending launch of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and we’re now right in the thick of the fall/winter 2013 line-up. Simply put, there’s no better time to be a gamer. This past month alone has seen some of the biggest games of the year released, with heavyweights like Assassin’s Creed, Batman and Beyond: Two Souls slugging it out for our hard-earned cash. So, before we dabble in the delights of the PS4 and Xbox One, let’s take a look a what title deserves the award for October’s Game of the Month.

By far the most anticipated PS3 release since The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls kicked off October with the latest tale from the minds of Quantic Dream. Notable for its inclusion of two Hollywood giants – Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe – Beyond combines epic storytelling with some of the finest visuals to grace Sony’s seven-year-old console to date. Another Sony exclusive title came in the shape of PS3 and PS Vita dungeon hack-’n-slash/RPG Dragon’s Crown, which evokes memories of classic 16-bit franchise Golden Axe with vibrant visuals and addictive, loot-driven gameplay.

Meanwhile, one of this generation’s biggest IPs received a new addition in Batman: Arkham Origins, and with it a new developer fronting the Caped Crusader’s latest outing. This time around it’s a prequel, though that doesn’t mean Bats is devoid of some high-tech gadgets and detective skills to put to use against the eight assassins that are after his blood. Also seeing release is the hotly-anticipated Battlefield 4, a blockbuster franchise that has been responsible for producing some of the most sumptuous graphics seen on a home console this generation. Finally, we have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, which takes Ubisoft’s stealth-action franchise into the early 18th century during the Golden Age of Piracy. Here, gamers control Captain Edward Kenway as he takes to the high seas on board the Jackdaw for a nautical adventure filled with loot, conspiracy and throat-slitting.

Rounding things off, October also saw the likes of Angry Birds: Star Wars, NBA 2K14 and Rocksmith 2014, the latter really impressing us after the already-stellar first installment.

So, an action-packed month, and a tough choice when considering which game deserves your hard-earned cash. However, after discussing the month’s offerings, PSU.com ultimately decided to slap the award on Beyond: Two Souls. Quantic Dream’s supernatural interactive drama had us on the edge of our seats with its stunning visuals, gripping storytelling and action-packed gameplay, and it’s clear that creator David Cage has learned from some of Heavy Rain’s mishaps to improve upon his unique formula for its latest PS3-exclusive.

Read what Steven Williamson had to say in his review here, and check out a quick snippet below.

"Beyond: Two Souls is as much an experience as it is a game with cinematic production to rival Hollywood movies, strong storytelling, solid characters and some brilliant interactive sequences. Without doubt, it’s up there with my favourite games of this console generation. Not only is Beyond: Two Souls the best-looking game to have ever graced PS3, but it’s also a very powerful and evocative drama that wouldn’t be out of place on the big screen. You need this game in your life."

Don’t agree with our choice for October’s Game of the Month? Let us know what you think deserved the accolade in the comments section below.