Game Republic working on movie-based videogame

Brash Entertainment announced today that it has signed Japanese-based development studio Game Republic to develop a videogame based on a “popular Hollywood film,” tentatively due for release in 2010.

Founded by Resident Evil developer Yoshiki Okamoto, Game Republic’s most recent endeavours include the PlayStation 3 titles Genji: Days of the Blade and Folklore.

Okamoto commented, "One of my goals with games is to do something revolutionary with something that has been never been seen before.”

"The opportunity to re-imagine a fictional world provided by a compelling Hollywood IP using the interactive medium of games is very exciting to me."

"We are working directly with the creative talent from the film, and feel that the close collaboration will result in an amazing game play experience that immerses the player in an incredible fantasy world."

Brash Entertainment formed last year and has acquired USD 400 for use in funding projects based on movies, television and music properties.

Mitch Davis, co-founder and CEO of Brash, commented, "As a gamer, I am extremely excited to work with Okamoto-san, who has produced some of my favourite games.”

"The Brash business gives us the luxury to match the best Hollywood IP with the skills of the most talented independent game developers; our partnership with a strong studio such as Game Republic is an excellent example of that."