Expo for Interactive Entertainment: Independent and Original [EIEIO] 2007 News

Gamecock Media discusses E.I.E.I.O.

Details have finally been clucked out by Gamecock Media about their expo E.I.E.I.O.

E.I.E.I.O. is an expo that was hatched for the independent development community. Gamecock Media Group claims that it will challenge the E3 2007 Media & Business Summit, but currently there’s a limited amount of content that is being displayed. It seems this event’s egg was cracked before the farmer plucked it from the nest.

The games that will be on displayed are listed below:

* Fury (PC)
* Insecticide (PC, DS)
* Dementium: The Ward (DS)
* Hail to the Chimp (Next-Gen Platforms)
* Mushroom Men (DS, Wii)
* Dungeon Hero (PC, Xbox 360)
* Two Unannounced Next-Gen Titles

After all these interesting announcements, Gamecock President Henry Miller had this to say:

"We’ve hit the ground running with wildly creative games on all next-gen platforms and PCs. E.I.E.I.O. will be a great opportunity for the world to get their eyes on these products and see, first-hand, what these talented developers have in store."