Games industry opens arms to striking hollywood writers

According to, striking Hollywood writers may be turning to the game industry as an alternative to movie scripts.

"It has been an interesting shift," one writer told Variety. "The literary agents are now saying, ‘Why don’t we get our clients [into games studios] during the strike?’ Even though in the past they thought the money wasn’t good enough or the work was too demanding."

Apparently the WGA (Writers Guild of America) is allowing its members to write for games developers during the strike. This means that while our movies may suck, our games will become more story-driven, allowing players to become more involved in the characters and plot.

Marianne Krawczyk, scriptwriter for the "God of War" series stated, "Sometimes they [game studios] make the game and then realize, ‘Wait a minute, we need a story!… I give notes on a story that exists and see what I can make work. Sometimes I come in at the beginning and all they have is a one-sentence idea."

Take a look at the PlayStation 3. When you look at games like Heavenly Sword or Uncharted Drakes Fortune, you know that these titles wouldn’t be as interesting as they are without and enticing storyline and colorful characters with entertaining dialogue. These writers bring the single player experiences to life, and with the way things are going, games will require them more and more.

Source: Variety