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Gamescom 2013 Awards: Best Multiplayer Game

 The Winner – War Thunder

Gaijin Entertainment’s flight combat/tank blaster is the surprise multiplayer victor as far as Gamescom goes. The studio’s pedigree speaks for itself with the likes of IL-2 under its belt, and its dedication to both arcade-style fun and simulation can be found in War Thunder’s MMO environment, where teams of up to 32 players can blast each other into oblivion.

Whether you are tearing up the skies in a Spitfire or wreaking havoc from the confines of a tank, War Thunder packs a massive roster of playable vehicles, from pre-WWII favourites to those from the Korean War. The chance to fly in historic battles, complete objectives and pilot an abundance of different war machines has us totally hooked in what is destined to be one of PS4’s biggest and best multiplayer games to date.