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Gamescom Details Digital Plans For This Summer, Expect PS5 Games In The Mix

Gamescom organisers have revealed details on their digital push for this summer, after the coronavirus pandemic outbreak forced the company to change its plans.

Gamescom Digital Events Confirmed

This year’s event will have no physical presence, so instead it’s going online. First up, August 27 sees Geoff Keighley hosting Opening Night Live, with Gamescom continuing until August 30. Given the fact next-generation consoles will only be a few months off at that point, you can be that PS5 games will e showcased too.

The Gamescom Studio meanwhile will see major developers interviewed about their games and delving into background info regarding all the latest announcements.

Felix Falk, managing director of Game, commented:

We’ve been working on this for many weeks now, as we are adapting to the coronavirus. We feel some responsibility to keep it going because so many other events are being canceled all over the world. It’s a responsibility because games have such a positive impact on society right now, and so it’s a responsibility to do a Gamescom event.

Gamescom will take place after the last batch of major PS4 games have been released, so it should be an exciting time for new announcements and updates on future projects.