GDC: Call of Duty DLC – 3 New Maps

Continuing in our interview with Community Relations Manager Robert Bowling, we learn that Infinity Ward not only has new DLC on the way, but included in that, are three new maps.

While details on the new maps were scarce, we did learn that gamers looking for wide open environments, close quarters, and new locations, will all be happy.

Bowling said that Infinity Ward is listening to the community. Everyday he’s checking the Call of Duty 4 forums and his blog for suggestions and comments. Also, they check Youtube quite frequently to check for the latest glitches – the "Pipeline Glitch" is one example of something Infinity Ward is already looking at to be fixed.

"We are very proactive when it comes to negative comments on the community forums," Bowling said. "We want to provide the best online experience we can…"

Lastly before the interview was over, we talked about how the new "Features Patch" will enable Infinity Ward to dynamically change the playlist settings for the online modes. Bowling said that so far, they have only changed the playlists two or three times, where as when the new patch is released they will be able to switch it up, add additional modes to the playlist frequently.

"With the new patch we will be able to play around with the playlists, add new modes more frequently, and change game rules," he said.

Then according to how the community feels and how popular the modes become, Infinity Ward can alter or remove them.

Stay tuned for more GDC news! Be sure to check out Robert Bowling’s blog for posting suggestions and getting the latest from Infinity Ward’s online team.