GDC: Square-Enix announces Crystal Tools

While Sony remained pretty quiet this year at the Game Developer’s Conference, one of the exclusive titles for its PlayStation 3 platform made a substantial appearance at the show.

At the “Technology of Final Fantasy” presentation today at GDC, the GM of Square-Enix’s Research and Development Division, Taku Murata, revealed the new name for the next generation game engine, Crystal Tools which is formerly known as the White Engine.

Crystal Tools:

– The first companywide technology platform
– Authoring tools and runtime libraries
– Allows photorealistic CGI to be rendered in real-time.
– Has advanced audio processing, cinematic cut scene transition, physics effects and other effects rendering.

Crystal Tools serves as the engine which will power up Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and Square’s upcoming MMORPG which few details are known about.

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