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Genshin Impact Developer Reveals It Made PS5 Version ‘Almost Entirely From The Ground Up’

Speaking during the latest issue of PLAY magazine, miHoYo, the developer behind Genshin Impact, has revealed that the studio made the PS5 version of the game ‘almost entirely from the ground up.’

The team said that many aspects of the game were created from scratch for Sony’s latest home console.

We completed the PS5 version almost entirely from the ground up, including building the PS5 graphics library from scratch and customizing the customized file loading system for SSD.

Unlike hardware development on other platforms, hardware dialogue with the PS5 tends to be very straightforward, however, this means although the communication is more efficient, it has a lower fault tolerance. Therefore, one of the most interesting and challenging aspects of developing the PS5 version was to take full advantage of this particular dialogue mode.

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Genshin Impact is now available for PS5, PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

[Source – PLAY Magazine via GamesRadar]