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Genshin Impact Update 4.6 Launches April 24, Brings Arlecchino As Playable 5-Star Pyro Polearm Wielder

Developer miHoYo Has announced that Genshin Impact update 4.6, known as Two Worlds Alfame, the Crimson Night Fade, will launch on April 24, 2024.

One of the main highlights of Genshin Impact update 4.6 is the addition of Arlecchino as a recruitable team member and also serves as a Weekly Boss. Arlecchino is a 5-star Pyro polearm wielder, and her combat skills are focussed around Bond of Life, which is a mechanic that meant to prevent its victims from being held; however, Arlecchino can use this to enhance her own attack power.

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As a new Weekly Boss, Arlecchino will impose a Blood-Debt Directive on players who challenge her. Players who have had a Blood-Debt Directive imposed upon them will suffer from the Bond of Life effect, taking more damage from her attacks and being unable to be healed. Those who manage to repay the Debt will be rewarded with a boost to their Charged Attack. In addition, Arlecchino is also called “Father” by children in the House of the Hearth. More about the House and Arlecchino will be revealed in her Story Quest “Ignis Purgatorius.

Elsewhere, the update will also introduce a new underwater empire in the Sea of Bygone Eras, the remains of Remuria, whose destruction predate the birth of the Court of Fontaine. While exploring, you may encounter a special dragon and the new boss enemy Legatus Golem.