George Harrison: PS3 price had to drop

Nintendo’s vice president of marketing and corporate communications, George Harrison, has commented on Sony’s recent decision to slash the price of the 60GB PlayStation 3 in North America, suggesting the move was inevitable if the company are to stimulate sales.

“I don’t think they had any choice," said Harrison, in recent interview with GameDaily. "It’s pretty soon after launch to be dropping your price, but I’m pretty sure they had to do it. They had to start momentum in some form, but we don’t think it’s something that’ll hurt us. It doesn’t really affect us, since they’re still far enough away."

As recently reported, the price cut seems to have done just that, with sales of PlayStation 3 rising by over 135 per cent in the Americas in the fortnight after Sony announced the move at the recent E3 Media and Business Summit. A 80GB SKU, previously exclusive to Korea, is also scheduled to ship in the region from August 1st, and comes complete with a copy of Evolution Studios MotorStorm.