Get your roll on with Blu-ray!

One thing that became extremely popular in the late 90s and early portion of the 2000s is the ability to play DVDs in your automobile.

Made hip by the rappers and later integrated into the mainstream society, the ability to play video in your car has become almost a staple with people looking to add steroids to their vehicles.

With Blu-ray dominated the market against HD DVD, it is only fitting that Blu-ray takes that next step to ensure that you get top quality high def experience outside your home and into your car.

Recently at the 2007 Toyko Motor Show, Panasonic revealed what is to be the first ever Blu-ray player that is used primarily inside your motor vehicle. The player has support for all Blu-ray features including BD-Java playback and connects to a LCD screen via a HDMI cable. Currently there is no price or release date for the player, but please be sure to hear more on this in the near future.

Interesting enough, fans should spot that the players strongly resembles that of Panasonic’s BD-10 Blu-ray player, which is a welcoming sight.

To the right, you can see the all new vehicle ready Blu-ray player and display.

Be sure to continuously check back with PSU, as we will bring you more on the latest developments of Blu-ray.