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Ghost Of Tsushima – Lighthouses Locations


In Ghost of Tsushima, there are eight lighthouses to find. Upon relighting the fire you will grow your legend. This guide has all the Ghost of Tsushima Lighthouses locations for you, so you can be as prepared for combat and later moments in the game as much as possible.

Ghost Of Tsushima – Lighthouses Locations

Ghost of Tsushima has lighthouses spread out across the game’s three regions.

Izuhara Lighthouses Locations

Komoda Lighthouse Location

The Komoda Lighthouse can be found in the far north-west corner of the region. You also visit this location during the Tale ‘A Masako Tale – A Mother’s Peace’ in Act 1.

It can be found on a hill, with a path leading up to it. Once there, climb the ladders and use the torch on the brazier.




Tsutsu Lighthouse Location

The Tsutsu Lighthouse can be found along the coast of the region, just south of Komatsu Forge. You visit this lighthouse during the main Tale in Act 1 of the game called ‘The Tale of Ryuzo’ and have to light it during the mission.

It is on the edge of the cliff in a Mongol encampment. Once you find it, climb the ladders to the top and use the torch to light it up.




Ariake Lighthouse Location

This lighthouse can be found in the north-east corner of the Ariake region. It is along the coast, just south of Hiyoshi Springs. You also visit this location during the fourth mission in the ‘A Masako Tale’ questline, The Traitor.

The lighthouse is on the edge of a cliff. You should be able to spot it in the distance from anywhere along the coast of Ariake. Once at it, climb up the ladder and use the torch in a fire to light the large brazier.




Toyotama Lighthouse Locations

Kubara Lighthouse Location

This lighthouse can be found in the northeast corner of the Kubara district in Toyotama. It is actually located in a Mongol Territory camp. Once clearing the enemies, climb the ladders and light the lighthouse to complete it.




Akashima Lighthouse Location

The Akashima Lighthouse can be found at the end of the first mission in Act 2, ‘A New Horizon’, just west of the Old Togo Rice Fields. At the end, you will need to climb the lighthouse with Lord Shimura and light the brazier at the top.




Kamigata Lighthouse Locations

Jogaku Lighthouse Location

This lighthouse can be found in the eastern part of the region, just outside of Port Izumi. It is at the end of a cliff and once climbing it and lighting the fire, you will be complete the activity.



Kin Lighthouse Location

This lighthouse is along the coast of the region in the east. Once climbing it you will complete the activity upon lighting the brazier.




Sago Lighthouse

This lighthouse can be found at the very south of Sago, it is along the coast to the west. However, you will need to complete Act 2 and reach the point when you are able to return to the southern regions of Tsushima in the story. You can then access it from the open gate on the hillside at the south. It is at the end of the road.




Ghost of Tsushima is available now on PS4.