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Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed Update 1.12 Patch Notes Reveal New Map & Ghost Type

IllFonic has released a spine-chilling batch of Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed update 1.12 patch notes for your viewing pleasure, which comes with a range of new content including a new map and ghost type.

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Patch Notes 1.4.0 (DLC #1)

New Map – MOROS Medical Facility

Introducing the MOROS Medical Facility, the latest job that has become available in the Firehouse!

Closed for good in the late 1980s, MOROS Medical has recently been purchased by a private investor group who have plans to renovate and reopen the facility. Unfortunately for them, it’s being plagued by ghostly activity, and construction crews refuse to enter this haunted health center.

New Ghost Type – Glutton

The new Glutton type is a bit more unique than your standard Ghost. Gluttons all share the unique ability “Consume” which allows them to munch away on many objects inside the different maps. By consuming objects, they will increase their bloat meter, which increases the power of their Ultimate abilities! Each variant has a different type of regurgitation Ultimate that expels the consumed debris in powerful attacks. Although their Ultimates benefit from a lower cooldown, you must consume enough to utilize their full potential.

• Muncher

• Spew

• Heap

Two New Secondary Gadgets – Belt Gizmo & Disruptor Pylon

Two new secondary gadgets have been added to the Ghostbuster’s toolkit to further diversify busting gameplay. Visit the workbench or the gear cart to equip these new items once you are at the appropriate level.

Belt Gizmo

Simple and small, but effective, the Belt Gizmo is a passive gadget that dulls your Ectovision signature substantially while worn. This makes it much more difficult for the ghosts to track you, though it does not prevent it completely if your fear levels are too high.

Disruptor Pylon

Deployable, battery pylon device that scans a large area around it for psycho kinetically infused physical objects. If a P.K.E. infused object is detected, the arc field being generated charges and fires on the object, destroying it. Ghosts in the vicinity of the Disruptor pylon are unable to possess objects

New Gear Attachment – P.K.E. Meter: Ecto-Zapper

A new arm attachment for the P.K.E. meter provides busters an alternative ghost stunning device. The Ecto Zapper must be activated and thrusted to stun ghosts, but can also passively stun ghosts passing through the buster if they have the zapper activated. The Ecto Zapper is unlockable via research contract and while the range is limited, has a shorter reboot time.


New Cosmetic – Gear Shells

Want a specific look but want to keep attachment modifications? We’ve got you covered with Gear shells. Gear Shells override the gear look without removing the attachment stat modifications. Some of the more unique attachments, such as the R.T.V. kit do not allow shells due to their unique functionality and will state this upon equipping.

New Buster Customization – Morph Targets

Customize your Buster’s face the way you REALLY want to!

With these new Morph Targets, you will be able to adjust your Buster’s face in a variety of different ways. We added negative values that allow you to make facial features smaller.

Suit Patches

There’s a whole bunch of new Patches to put on your suit and a new corkboard in the Firehouse to display your collection of Patches!

The Real Ghostbusters

We’ve also got a ton of new cosmetics coming out in this patch such as The Real Ghostbusters Hairstyles, Eyewear, and Gear Shells.

Ghost Swapping

You all have been asking for this feature and it’s finally here!

Ghosts are now able to swap to different Ghost Type mid-match.

You can select the Ghost Type that you would like to remanifest as in the Pause Menu or after being captured as the Ghost.

After being captured, you will remanifest as the Ghost that you have selected

Tenure (Level 2)

Tenure now has an additional level that unlocks a very special cosmetic!

Go check it out in the Firehouse right now!

News Bulletin

There is now a News Bulletin located in the Main Menu and Pause Menu with the latest Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed announcements!

Quick Access Menu

You can now access everything you need in the Firehouse in one centralized location!

The Quick Access Menu is now available and is located in the Pause Menu under Quick Access


• Various Crash Fixes

• Made improvements to matchmaking

• Introduced level based matchmaking where, when possible, players will be matched together based on their level

• Improvements to preference queueing to increase likelihood of entering the match as your preferred team

• Made improvements to the accuracy of Japanese Localization

• Clear all Notifications button is now available in the pause menu

• Added surveys that will sometimes appear after finishing a match

• Added a warning message for when users are equipping conflicting customization options

• Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the Ghost Tutorial to not advance properly

• Fixed an issue where Research Contract descriptions were not displaying properly

• Fixed an issue where the Neural Frequency Emitter attachment was not working properly in the Alley


• Fixed an issue with the SFX and animations not playing properly when deploying or retrieving a trap

• AI Busters are now able to Mantle

• AI Busters are now able to use some Gadgets

• Fixed an issue where the AI Busters were sometimes not behaving properly after Calming civilians

• Fixed an issue that was causing Busters to be unable to ping Rifts

• Added HUD based cooldown bar to P.K.E. Gear widget to allow players to see reboot time while gear is not currently equipped

Gear Attachment Changes


• Large readability pass to improve user feedback for gadget abilities. This includes improvements to sounds, VFX, and UI to show proper cooldown feedback to the player when using a special attachment.

Snub Nose

• Increased Mantle Duration

We found some gear upgrade builds made mantle duration overly fast, making some mantle animations look and feel glitchy and making mantle mobility disproportionate to normal buster navigation. Since the Snub Nose upgrade has so many benefits associated with it, we felt reducing the Mantle Duration speed boost would help even out the utility of the upgrade

Cryo Syncs

• Reduced Heat Generation

Particle Thruster

• Fixed a bug where stat changes on the Particle Thruster weren’t being applied

• Reduced Proton Stream Range

• Replaced Tether Strength with Heat Generation

Particle Thruster is on a mode switch, which toggles between PT Mode and normal mode when the ability button is pressed when the buster isn’t firing. This allows players to pick when they want to use the extra heat gen to boost their stream range. PT Mode is also affected by other stat changes made by the buster’s other gear upgrades

Centrifugal Thruster

• Added Sprint Boost

• Removed Overheat Cooldown Duration

• Replaced Knockback Recovery with Venting Speed

• Reduced Deploy Time


• Reduced Cooldowns of Ultimates across all Ghost types

• Made improvements to Ghost animations, VFX, and emotes

• Ghosts now have a short cooldown between possessing objects when using tap to possess

• Ghost Traps are now able to be destroyed by more Ghost attacks and abilities

• Destruction to objects now increase overall haunt rate

• AI Ghosts now run away when they are unable to grab an exposed rift

• Fixed an issue with Ectovision SFX not playing properly when exiting a possessable object

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