Go Behind the Scenes at Jurassic Park

Get hype as you watch the kind and crazy folk of Telltale games talk about their upcoming magnum opus, Jurassic Park: The Game.

Telltale have released a Behind the Scenes video with some of the games lead developers, giving brief snippets of the game alongside some of the interesting decisions that lead to the games story and style.


Doesn’t the theme still get you going? As well as all the classic Dinos from the film (and a couple from the books and sequels), the game is introducing troodons to the fiction. They’re the ones with the big yellow eyes.

Want to see more of the game? Well Telltale also released a trailer solely of gameplay footage:


If you’re not excited by now, you never will be. The game is out next week, and the season pass will set you back $30.

Stay Tuned.