God of War 3 Remastered review round-up

God of War III Remastered is out in the wild, subjecting one of the PlayStation 3’s most celebrated titles to a high-definition makeover. Yep, thanks to the power of PS4 we’re now able to play Kratos’s bloody sequel the way it was meant to be played—in glorious 1080p and at a blistering 60fps. 

While it’s true that remasters are starting to wear a little thin with some gamers, God of War III is a welcome addition to the last-generation makeover bandwagon, and should tide us over nicely until Sony gets around to making God of War IV. The question is, however, is it worth a second punt? 

The Internet has spoken, and here’s the verdict. Enjoy.

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PSU – 9/10

Game Informer – 9/10

IGN – 8.8/10

The Jimquisition – 8.5/10

Giant Bomb – 4/5

New York Daily 4/5

Attack of the Fanboy – 4/5

Hardcore Gamer – 4/5

GameSpot – 8/10

ShackNews – 7/10